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Are your products vegan?   For the most part. Ingredients we use are plant based carrier oils, butters, and waxes. Honey is used - which is where the term vegan may not necessarily be correct. Many consider bees to be an animal due to the impact bees have on our life (they pollinate everything which allows for the usage of plants within our daily lives). Due to the usage of honey we would say we are vegan-vegeterians! Products that contain honey will be labeled as vegetarian. No chemicals used other than 1% preservative for our sugar blends - or any product that would come into contact with water. 


Are your products tested on animals? No! All products are tested on ourselves or volunteers (aka family and friends). We don't promote or sale any products we ourselves don't use. 


Why is preservative used?  We use a preservative in our sugar blends because there is a high probability the product will be used in the shower or around water. This is to preserve the life of the product. All other products unless specified do not contain a preservative.


Where can I buy your products? All products can be bought via our online store. We have partnered with our local salon The Hair Cafe to bring you our quality products in real time. Products can be tested right within the salon. You can shop in-store today! A list of all retailers is available.


How often can I use the products?

Luxe Bomb: Use as often as you like. (Can get 1-2 uses out of 1 bath bomb)

Sugar Blend: Can be used daily but is suggested to be used no more than 3 times a week.

Whipped Body Cream: recommended twice a day - once in the morning and once at night and anytime in between!

Bath Oil: Can be used everyday in the bath/shower and on skin. Be careful when getting in and out the bath/shower

Luxe Oil: Used on skin daily 


What is the shelf life for your products? The shelf life on our products is 6-12 months due to the fact that there are no chemicals used and the butters and carrier/essential oils act as a natural preservative. This stands even with the preservative in the sugar blend. Whipped body cream's shelf life is 12 months with no added preservative. Shelf life label is located on the back side of the container.


Will any products make me break out? We test all products on ourselves and have very sensitive skin. However those who suffer from severe eczema or other severe skin ailments, tend to be irritated with products that have fragrance associated with them. Although our products contain fragrance oils, 1% is as much as we put in all products. However, even this small amount of fragrance may irritate skin. Test a small area of your skin for about two days. If irritation occurs, discontinue use of the product.


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